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Creative Vision

I had this post rattling around my head for a day or so, popping up in pieces as I take my dog for a walk. I haven’t put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, since Thursday when I wrote on another blog. That was a fun post, talking about the classical piece Clair de lune.

I’m not home right now – I’m waiting to get the oil changed in my car – otherwise I’d be typing this up on a proper keyboard. Instead I’m bumbling my way through this on my phone’s keyboard. I originally didn’t want a large phone (I have the Samsung Galaxy S21+), but for moments like these I suppose it’s better I went with that direction. Typing out a long form post is bad enough (missing keys, typos) with a large screen – I’d be making many more mistakes with a small screen I think!

Creative Vision

So my thoughts here wandered to what I feel like I “should” be producing. I tell myself many times that I want to create things, and I often do; I make podcasts, I write posts such as these, and occasionally I write short fiction. But I frequently think that I want to do more, especially when I see something cool online and think, “I can do that too!”.

But then my self-depricating nature kicks in and I bring myself back down to reality and realize that no, poetry is really not my thing. Graphic design definitely isn’t my thing either. And hey, if I were any good with fiction, I’d be writing more. Long form essays? Forget it, my writing is best served as self reflective blog posts.

In this manner I think I interpret all this to mean I lack creative vision. Or at the very least, my vision lacks focus. I jump around all over the place depending on what type of creative work sparks my interest. So this is why I am trying to focus on writing this month. I think I’m proceeding well enough. 15 days into the month I’ve sat down for a writing session approximately 6 times not including today, which is about 40% of the month to date.

I hope to gain two things from this practice:

  1. Get in the habit of writing regularly
  2. FIgure out what kind of writing that suits me best

So far I have not done much outside of self reflection. I wrote something for my wife at the beginning of the month, and I wrote that piece for Alternative Airwaves I mentioned earlier. I think I am going to try to write out a proper book review for what I’m reading right now (Darktown, by Thomas Mullen). I need the practice for an upcoming podcast episode I’ll be working on for a different book.

I also found some old university and college essays in my basement while cleaning up over the last week or so. I used to get pretty good grades in school with my essays; maybe by reading my school work from 15-18 years ago (wow!) I may get some inspiration for how to structure some more formal writing.

Wow, it’s great to have some goals set up so that I can have a chance at succeeding with my overall writing goal this month. I’ll be writing these down in my bullet journal to help me remember what I want to do.


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